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Friday, January 19, 2018

80 day obsession meal timesMy two most popular blog posts in the history of this blog are A Day in the Life and *Another* Day in the Life of the 21 Day Fix.  Since I am so excited and 100% committed to my new program (80 Day Obsession), I thought I'd let you in on what my food choices look like for this program.  Sound good?  Side note:  see those alarms over on the side?  That's what keeps me on track! 

One thing I should mention before I get into the actual food:  I went UP a bracket from the 21 Day Fix, Fix Extreme, or even the precursor to 80 Day Obsession (A Little Obsessed).  There's a very good reason for that.  80 Day Obsession marks a return to longer workouts.  They are *almost* all 45-60 minutes long.  The calorie burn for each workout - at least for me - is also much higher than the Fix or Fix Extreme.  Makes perfect sense that I would need more food, right?  Now, let's take a look at that food, shall we?

Pre-Workout Meal

80 Day Obsession Plan D Meal Option 1
One of the main aspects of timed nutrition in 80 Day Obsession is the concept of the "workout block."  The pre- and post-workout meals are the pieces of this program that have the most independent science behind them.  The pre-workout meals give you fuel while the post-workout nutrition replaces lost glycogen and allows your body to repair itself.

I have to admit, I was nervous when I started eating prior to working out.   I have ALWAYS been a "fasted" exerciser as I would typically get nauseated if I ate beforehand.

Well...all I can tell you is - I must have been eating the wrong things!  I've been giving this whole pre-workout meal a try for about 2 weeks now, and I LOVE it!!  No nausea here!

Post-Workout Recovery

80 Day Obsession
Can I let you in on a little secret?  This is my first time using Beachbody's performance line.  Yep, FIRST TIME.  I've done lots of lifting in Les Mills Pump, Hammer and Chisel, and Body Beast; but I have NEVER used our performance line!  I decided to give it a try for this program.  And given the comments and posts I've seen in my 80 Day Obsession Facebook group, I'm glad I am!!

One part of the performance line is chocolate (or orange, if you choose!) Recover.  And that recover?  Tastes like melted chocolate goodness.  Others have likened it to Nesquick, but I honestly don't know what that tastes like.  All I know is Recover is amazing!!!

Post-Workout Meal

One of my FAVORITE things about this meal plan?  The fact that - because I work out in the morning - I get to have bacon and eggs EVERY DAY for breakfast!  I mean, who wouldn't want bacon and eggs every day and still be adhering to a "diet" plan?  And on that toast?  That's REAL butter!!

Yes, I am a little excited about my post-workout meal aka breakfast.  Can you tell?


I talked about this lunch on Wednesday, and it has been the true highlight of my week.  Maybe even more than having bacon with breakfast every day!  ;)  Seriously, though, this lunch was so good!  It's going to be a recurring theme throughout this program!  It hits all but one of my prescribed containers for lunch, and it tastes indulgent!


Afternoon Snack

This meal took a little getting used to, to be honest.  I usually have my shakeology with fruit or a vegetable; however I never have *both* AND a yellow AND a teaspoon.  I really feel full after this meal.  I enjoy it, and it truly gives me a ton of energy in the afternoon, but it is FILLING!  It's so filling that my poor husband (who is not following the plan, mind you) hates that we have pushed dinner later to accommodate my eating schedule. 

Side note:  he really is tremendously supportive, just a little grumpy about dinner being later.  We are trying to compromise with a "snack" for him when he gets home.


80 Day Obsession DinnerNow listen, this may not *look* pretty, but I promise, it's delicious!  This is another new Fixate meal for us to try.  For those of you with Fixate, this is the Caribbean Banana Curry over brown rice and a bag of riced carrots.  Such a different recipe, but has some great island and curry flavors blended together.  Sweet and spicy!

Annnnnd, that's a wrap for my day! 

So tell me, do these "day in the life" posts help you?  Let me know in the comments below!

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