21 Day Fix

Day 16 - Confidence, up! Energy, up! Upper Fix, week 3

Monday, March 03, 2014

I love the beginning of the week!  It's a fresh start, a chance to get it right from the get-go.  And get it right, I did today.  Hit every veggie, every fruit.  Didn't go overboard with starches, and I chose all lean meats.  Hit every container, and I feel great.

For Upper Fix, I kept the heavier weights from last week, and (as evidenced by the left uppermost pic) I "graduated" to the more advanced moves - the same moves that I was unable to do just last week. 

Today also marked the day that I decided to give up on doing doubles for the week.  One of the options of the 21 Day Fix is to do two workouts every day for the third week.  I tried it yesterday, and did it again today, but I think I will stick with the single workouts for the rest of the week.  I have just been physically exhausted the last two days, and the only change that has occurred has been the addition of the extra workouts.  Guess what, though?  That's OK - it's an option!  Keep that in mind if you decide to try the Fix yourself.  If you decide to try the doubles, give yourself the option of dropping back to one if you need to.  It doesn't make you a failure.  Remember, even slower progress is PROGRESS! 

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