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Fitness While Injured - 3 Ways to Stay on Track Without Losing Your Mind

Monday, September 15, 2014

foot injury fitness focus on nutritionI previously mentioned that I had been fighting an injury.  And yep, I can officially claim my first fitness-limiting injury, complete with a snazzy new accessory.

That fall?  Apparently it either caused - or was caused by - a tremendous amount of loosening in my tendons and ligaments.  It's a little surreal to have an ortho doc separate your ankle bones by an inch to an inch and a half and not feel it!  So the verdict?  I get to wear my snazzy new boot for 4-6 weeks.  And of course, there are a few restrictions.  Namely, I am not to run (boo!) or do plyometrics (double boo!).  So some of my higher impact stuff is out.  BUT, he did say I could do anything else to my own pain tolerance.  He recommended a stationary bike or swimming - probably the only two things I *don't* have access to in my gym downstairs.  But that's ok, because I wholeheartedly plan to take him up on the "anything else to my own pain level" thing.  :)

Yesterday I tried walking - and possibly walked a wee bit too much!  Even with my fancy new boot, I was HURTING and couldn't even take a full step by the end of the day.  And I am still hurting this morning, though not nearly as badly.

So what's a fit girl to do?

  1. Concentrate on nutrition.  The 21 Day Fix nutrition plan is foolproof.  So this weekend I "hit the books" hard and figured out just which level I'd be at with a lower impact program.  I ended up dropping down a level, but there is still plenty of food!  
  2. Track everything that passes your lips!  I have an iPhone, and there are two apps I use religiously to track my intake:  MyFitnessPal and the native iPhone Reminder app:
    I use the Reminder app to track just how much of what containers I've eaten for the day.  It's free; it's color-coded; and I can access it from the phone, my iPad, and my computer.  Win, win!
  3. Modify, Modify, Modify!  I already mentioned how I am restricted from plyometric exercises.  Several fitness programs incorporate plyometrics because, well, that type of exercise works!  The trick with any type of injury is to modify it to within your ability and to maintain safety.  How?  If the program has a modifier, start there.  Cat - the modifier for the 21 Day Fix - is probably the BEST modifier I have ever seen in a fitness program!  Even so, there are a few things I have to change and some others that I just can't do right now.  You know what?  That's ok.  Give me 4 weeks, and I'll knock it out of the park!
As you may have guessed,  it's back to the Fix for me, for now....  (Tony, I'll miss you!  I'll see you soon!)  So far, it's the easiest program for me to modify for my current restrictions.  That being said, I'd love some company!  I've decided to host another 21 Day Fix group beginning preseason October 1st.  Three weeks, and boom!  Who *wouldn't* love to rock a cute Halloween costume? (It's one of my favorite holidays!!)

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