P90X3 - Week 1 Recap

Friday, April 07, 2017

So I have been kind of "drifting" since my half marathon, trying to figure out what program I wanted to tackle next.  I love the idea of Body Beast (and I have a feeling I WILL be doing that program within the next year), but I wasn't ready to commit to "bulking" over the summer.  I mean, who wants to bulk while wearing a bathing suit?  (NOT me!)  Also, I wasn't a huge fan of the longer workouts at the outset of the program.

Then I considered another round of Hammer and Chisel; but again, I wasn't thrilled with the length of some of the videos.  I guess what I was learning was I wanted something short, so I decided I wanted 30 minute workouts.  But I didn't want to do 21 Day Fix or Fix Extreme again, so P90X3 won.
Can I just tell you, I am SOOOO glad it did!!!

I completely forgot how amazing this program is!  So far, I have been completely challenged every step of the way.  From the very first day, a few things became apparent:
  1. My flexibility has gone from pretty high to abysmal.  Plow pose?  You have got to be flipping kidding me.  Nope, not happening.
  2. My balance has also tanked.  Stand on one leg?  Close my eyes?  Good one.  Really.  And crow?  hahahahahahahahahaha
  3. Why don't I consider this my soulmate program again?  Seriously.  I don't remember.  It's hard; I'm a little sore; but I am having a BLAST!!
I have seriously been so HAPPY after every single one of these workouts this week!  I forgot how exciting it could be to get out of bed and ANTICIPATE my "date with Tony."  I mean:
  • It's fast. No muss, no fuss, just 30 minutes of heart-pounding hard work.
  • Tony is hilarious.  Or at least, *I* find his brand of corny humor absolutely hilarious.
  • I haven't had to "convince" myself to go work out AT ALL this week!  I haven't missed a morning yet.  That may not seem like a huge deal, but truthfully, I haven't done consistent MORNING workouts in months.  There have been several days where I've had to force myself to work out at the very end of my night, just to get it in.
This week has been like rediscovering my first love.  There's one more picture I'd like to leave you with.   This is 1 week of P90X3.  I'm not proud of these pictures.  I definitely gained some fat mass since I started training for the half.  My body fat % definitely went up in that first pic even if my weight did not.  But look!  There's a little progress and only in one week!

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