Get Out of Your Own Way!

Monday, October 28, 2013

I *think* this will be the last "success" post for awhile.  It's just something that I've really been ruminating on and - truth be told - struggling with.  Amazingly enough, though, I think I learned what I needed to, and that is this resounding message to myself:

Message received, loud and clear!  My biggest problem is also what makes me so good at whatever I am attempting:  my perfectionism.  Perfectionism is truly a double-edged sword.  It causes my production to be of great quality, but it also prevents me from moving forward at times until I have reached "perfection."  Newsflash to myself:  I'm NOT perfect!  Therefore, I will not always have perfect results!!  Anyone else have that issue?  Sometimes, I just need to do something - whether it be to blog, to exercise, to plan, to reach out to people, whatever - and whatever I do will be good enough.  I struggle with the concept of "good enough."  The problem with not accepting "good enough" is, often, waiting for perfection means waiting forever.  And I cannot afford to wait forever!!  Can anyone?

So, perfectionism is my downfall, but what is yours?  How are you standing in your own way?  Remember:

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