Hammer and Chisel

Master's Hammer and Chisel Round 1 Results

Monday, February 29, 2016

It's done, it's done, it's done!  The first round of my favorite program of all time, my soul mate, and the first program I have done, start to finish without changing a thing.....is DONE!  If you have been around for any length of time, you know that I have always considered P90X3 as my soul mate, but after 56 days of Hammer and Chisel, I can no longer say that.

Seriously, this program is phenomenal!  I'll explain all my reasons why in just a little bit, but I'm pretty sure you care about the results I got from this program first and foremost; am I right?  Here they are:

And if numbers are more your thing, here they are:

That's 9.4 inches lost!  But the crazy part?  I'm only 3.8 pounds less than where I started.  This program is definitely a muscle builder!  And since I love being a strong woman (and pride myself on it), I am VERY happy with those results!

So....why do I love this program so much?  Let me count the ways!
  • First and foremost, I love how strong I have become!  I use an app called Fitlist to track the weights I've used each day, and there is nothing better than seeing those numbers go up!  I am so excited that I can do sets of Bulgarian split squats with 20lbs in each hand or that I can do sets of 45lb deadlifts.  
  • Probably my second favorite thing about this program is what I call the "boredom buster effect."  Unlike most of Beachbody's programs, you never know which exercise is due for which day.  In fact, day 1's workout doesn't repeat until day 13; day 2 doesn't repeat until day 20; etc.  While that does mean that I plotted my workouts on my calendar to keep me straight, it also means I NEVER dreaded a workout.  EVER.
  • Um, we'll just say, booty gains.

  • H&C has totally impacted my running....in an AMAZING way!  So, quite honestly, I haven't run since last fall.  What can I say?  I'm a winter wimp.  I hate the cold.  However, we've had some unseasonably warm days up here in PA lately, so I decided to see just how far I had fallen with pacing...  My average pace last year was between 12:00-12:30 minutes per mile.  How fast am I now - WITHOUT running?  Drumroll, please......  I have now run three times, ALL at 11:30/mile! 
  • This is the FIRST time in my life that I can do any pull-ups independently!  Granted, they're not perfect or necessarily even pretty.....but I can do them!  Crazy town, right??? 

So yeah, best program ever!  Can't WAIT to do it again!  Until then, I'm going to leave you with a little funny story:

First off, you need to know I don't swear. Like EVER.

Anyways, I was telling the hubby (again!) how much I loved Hammer and Chisel. I told him it makes me feel like such a "bad butt." To which he replied: "as long as you're saying bad butt, you're not gonna get there!" 😂😂 

Ok, so maybe he's right. But, I don't care! After all, I have the best butt ever in my life right now. So I've decided to embrace it. Who's with me? Who's down for being a bad butt with a good one? 😉  Drop me a line and we'll get you started.... 

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