Be Bold - An Examination of the Lord of the Rings

Friday, July 08, 2016

So God and I had this conversation while I was drafting this post.  It went something like this:

     God: I want you to talk about boldness.
     Me: Ok, sure. Sounds like a cool topic.
     God: Boldness is important. I have something incredibly special in store for you and your readers.
     Me: SWEET! What is it?
     God: But first, boldness. Explore it, learn it, share it. Be bold.
     Me: Why?
     God: Just do it, ok? Boldness.
     Me: Ok, what should I post about?
     God: Boldness.
     Me: But what about it? All I can seem to think about is Samwise Gamgee and Lord of the Rings.
     God: ...
     Me: What?
     God: ...
     Me: OHHHHHH....I get it. This could be interesting...

Those of you on the monthly mailing list (if you're not, how come??  It's awesome!  You can sign up via the little Monthly Joy pop-up right in the middle of this page...hint, hint) already know that God has been placing the topic of boldness on my heart for some time now.   I really feel that He is giving breadcrumbs to a huge, crazy-good, crazy-wild story that I am just beginning to scratch the surface of. 

So yeah, back to boldness.

Boldness - it's such an enticing word, isn't it?  Full of glory and prestige:  adventurous and exciting.  For me, today, the idea of boldness evokes the picture of Samwise Gamgee and his steadfast refusal to forsake his quest and his friend.  He stuck it out for love, but also for obedience to Gandalf.  In the end, he got the girl, he got the house, and he got to be mayor of the Shire.  Pretty sweet arrangement, yes?  Does it make you want to be bold?  

Ahh, but what about those spiders and orcs?  What about the barrow-wights and ring-wraiths?  What about the nagging Gollum and the hunger and thirst and loneliness and feelings of helplessness?  What about those things?  Just as Sam's rewards were a result of his boldness, his boldness also resulted in those extreme hardships.

It is the same with us.  We are called to boldness.  We are called to hold on until the very last.  We are called to step out in obedience, no matter the cost.  Because of course, there will be a cost - a high one.  Being bold means taking risks - extremely long shots.  It means stepping out without seeing the full path.  It means setting out on something others consider foolhardy.  Being bold is dangerous.

But do you know what I think is pretty spectacular?

If God calls you to something, "mere people" can do nothing to stop you.  If you are bold enough to follow what He's asking, He will guide you and protect you.  Will He keep you from all harm?  Maybe, maybe not.  But if we are obedient, we will succeed and be rewarded according to His glory.  So I pose this question to you:

Are you bold enough to step out in obedience? 
I challenge us both to do just that.  I have a feeling we will NOT regret it!!



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