Goodbye 2016! I Will NOT Miss You!

Monday, January 02, 2017

Reflecting on 2016This girl right here?  Count her as one of the many people very happy to say goodbye to 2016.  It was quite a stressful year, complete with frustrations, stresses, failures, and disappointments.  I've been ready to wave goodbye for a few months now, honestly.  However, I was challenged in my personal development lately to look back over the last year - starting with the month of January - to glean lessons, failures, AND victories over the last 12 months.  Turns out, it wasn't all bad.  Even the "bad" parts carried lessons - lessons which I would not have noticed had I not taken the time to reflect.  

There are a lot of things I failed at:
  1. At one point last year, I was within spitting distance of my next rank advancement with Beachbody.  Some things fell through, and it didn't happen.  Instead of trucking on, I became discouraged and let things go.  Suffice it to say, last year was NOT the best experience in my coaching journey.  That is until I found my passion again.  But more on that in a sec.
  2. I failed at blogging, something I absolutely love.
  3. I failed at defeating depression.  I burned out - flamed out, really - and didn't quite recover until December.  But hey, at least it never really made it farther than "mild," right?  
  4. I failed at even finding the joy in the Christmas season!
But there are also several things I learned this year, especially from those failures:
  1. I need a schedule, one written down that incorporates all of my "fundamentals."  While I hate to-do lists, I have found the value in them through my multiple trips through the 30 Day Push last year.  They keep me focused and on task.  They also prevent my procrastinator side from running out of time.
  2. I cannot do the "sales" thing.  I just can't "market" well.  It's not in my makeup and makes me feel creepy.  I'm a purpose girl.  I am meant to know, love, and guide people as people, not just as customers.  I'm best as a coach when I am truly coaching people to be their best selves.  I'm also best when I pour my heart into coaching.  What that means in plain English is, when I treat coaching as a ministry, I am successful.  Not only am I successful, but I am also fulfilled.  
  3. Travel is life, and being bound by PTO limits is no way to live.  This year I traveled to Hawaii, Poland, and South Carolina.  Each time I returned refreshed and renewed.  
  4. Travel is life, but home is comfort.  
  5. No amount of work pressure is worth failing in my mental and physical health - none.  Work will not always be there.  Heck, the hospital in which I work may not always be there.  Work will not take care of me.  My mental and physical health are all I have.
  6. Reading does not always have to be for personal development.  Even too much of that can be detrimental.  I read a novel for the first time in almost a year last week, and it was glorious.  Absolutely what I needed at the time.  I need a little bit of frivolous reading in my life.  

What about you?  What victories, failures, and lessons have YOU gained from 2016?  How will you carry them into 2017?

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