Holding On and Letting Go

Monday, January 21, 2013

The last few months have really been teaching me about letting go of unnecessary things. My parents' house burned on November 29 of last year, and they basically lost everything. What makes this an even larger tragedy is the sheer amount of STUFF they had accumulated over the years. Physically getting rid of all that clutter is tearing my mother to pieces - and it's made me realize that letting go is a good thing and even necessary for physical and emotional health.

The last couple weeks have also been teaching me about holding on. My father - as if my parents didn't already have enough to deal with - has just been diagnosed with two benign brain tumors. This scare has made me realize the importance of holding on to the things that truly matter.

So, how are we supposed to balance letting go and holding on?  Where's that perfect line?

Truth is, that line is different for everyone.  That line depends on each person's priorities.  What do you value?  Why?  What's most important?  Again, why?  What are your deepest dreams?  What makes your heart go pitter patter?  What sneaks in during the night and wakes you with burning passion?  And WHY?  I think that's what makes the difference.  Your "why" is who you are; mine is who I am.  And who we are determines that line, that balance between holding on and letting go.

Right now I am holding on to my family, tight as ever.  I am holding on to the most amazing, supportive, and unselfish husband.  I am holding on to the dream of helping others, both as a nurse educator and as a Beachbody coach.  These things excite me and really get me going.

So what am I letting go of?  I am letting go of perfectionism and self-criticism.  And I am letting go of the fear of failure AND success (yes, really....more on that later).  Will you join me?  Beginning February 18, I am holding a Love Yourself 60 Day Challenge Group.  Want more information?  Check out this video and then sign up for a FREE Team Beachbody account here or email me with questions.  I look forward to seeing just how much you can grow and how far you can go simply by loving yourself more, by holding on to the right things and by letting go of those things that limit you!

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  1. ok. third time's the charm... this comment just does not wanna post!!! i have the beachbody account. now whats the challenge?? i want in.



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