Jenn with Two "N's"

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

I suppose it's about time that I properly introduce myself.  My name is Jennifer, but most everyone calls me Jenn.  And yes, it's Jenn, with two "n's."  I guess it's kind of like Anne of Green Gables.  "Jen" looks so small, so truncated.  "Jenn" just looks so much better, but I digress.  It's time to pour a cup of hot green tea and answer a not-so-simple question:

Who am I?

  1. First and foremost, I am a child of God.  I am a Christian.  Jesus is the sole reason that I am sitting here, writing to you.  He has brought me through more in the last thirty years than I could ever have survived on my own.  For now, suffice it to say, I owe Him so much more than *just* my soul.
  2. I am a thirty year-old self-proclaimed nerd.  I'm the girl that grew up on science fiction, who loved Quantum Leap, Star Trek, and Back to the Future (yes, all three!).  Independence Day was my favorite movie; that is, until I saw The Matrix.  That favorite was replaced the second Inception crossed my radar.  In addition to "proper" sci-fi, I have developed a little fascination with the supernatural.  I love Buffy the Vampire Slayer, LOST, and Charmed.  My current favorite television show is Supernatural with Dr. Who close behind.  To further cement my claim to "nerd-dom," I was an only child with a knack for achievement.  And now?  I'm the unofficial "IS" for our office of four as well as the human spell checker, so yes, I'm still a bit of a nerd.
  3. I am a nurse.  I started out in the medical intensive care unit of a large Pittsburgh hospital.  I worked there for almost three years and loved almost every minute of it.  I love challenges, and there seemed to be a new one every day.  I learned the art - and yes, it deserves that distinction - of critical thinking.  It was on that unit that I discovered, quite by accident, my passion for teaching.  I left that hospital to pursue that dream and now work as the education coordinator for a small hospital a mere three miles from my house.  I am still a nurse at heart, but I also have the joy of impacting the workings of an entire hospital - at least to some extent.
  4. I am a wife to an amazing man.   And I have been for ten and a half years.  It is my absolute privilege and honor to be married to this man.  He is driven, kind, and generous to a fault.  He's protective and stubborn.  Best of all?  He's just strong-willed enough to stand up to me - a rare and refreshing (mostly.....) quality.  Isn't he handsome?

There is more to me, of course, but I will leave you with this snapshot.  Your cup of tea is probably gone - or worse, cold.  We'll delve deeper, later, with another mug.

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