Trust the Process

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Spring is here, and that means a few things.  First off, it's a herald for the the coming summer.  It's a not-so-subtle reminder that pants will become shorts, and hemlines will rise.  Temperatures will rise, and the question resonates throughout the air:  are we ready?  Are you and I prepared to bare our arms and legs?  And swim suits?  Are we ready for THOSE? 

But the other thing that spring means?  It's almost time for one of my FAVORITE things:  my little garden.  It's not much, only approximately 9 feet by 19 feet, but I love it!  I love the smell of earth, the feel of it between my fingers, the green, and of course, the harvest.  Last year, this is what I planted:

Today I spent the afternoon cleaning my seeding trays and planning this year's garden.  Wanna see?  Of course you do!  ;) 

Now that it's all planned out, I just have to get the seeds and put them in some seed starter and wait.  I've done the preparation; now it's just time to trust the process.  I keep providing sunlight and water, and the plants will grow and produce.  I do the work; I reap the benefits.  It will happen.  It may be a fight at times - with deer and rabbits and squirrels - but if I just hang in there, if I just make the consistent effort, there will be peppers and zucchini and tomatoes.  There will be!

And you know what?  The same is true for that other part of spring.  If we hang in there, if we do the work, we WILL see results.  We just have to trust the process.  Eating well and exercising, challenging ourselves, and finding the support we need are the steps to the fruit of health and wellness.  We just have to work the system and trust it. 

I can help you, if you need it.  I can help provide that support and accountability.  Just comment below, or email me.  I'd be happy to give you a hand up, a little push, or - if needed - even a kick in the pants. 

Are you prepared for summer?

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