Some Days You Thrive; Some Days You Merely Survive - a Lesson in Holistic Health

Monday, January 19, 2015

thriving vs. survivingWe all have certain days.  Days where the sun is shining and everything you touch blossoms and shines.  Or days where you struggle with every last little thing.  Where everything you touch either seems to fail or break.....or you do.

Today was the latter for me - in every way it could be. I struggled emotionally, and that made me struggle physically.

I got some unexpected bad news today.  And it kind of threw me for a loop.  I heard a "no" when all I wanted to hear was a "yes."  I'd prayed; I'd hoped; and it seemed that I was finally going to hear what I longed for.  Instead, the "no" resounded and left me deflated.

I thought I'd burn off some disappointment and aggression with Les Mills Pump AND Combat back to back.  Instead, I muddled through and felt even more spent than I had before beginning.

And then it hit me.

body mind spirit healthThis thing - health - that I preach day in and day out, that I attempt to model, is more than how thin your abdomen is.  It's more than how many pounds you can press.  It's even more than the foods you ingest.  Yes, that is all part of health.  But it is - in my opinion - not the biggest part. 

Let me ask you this:  how often have your emotions driven your workouts?  When you're already happy, how much easier does every little thing feel?  When you're angry, how much more vigorously do you push?  And when you're blue, how much harder does every little thing seem? 

I know this.  I really and truly do.  It's why my challenge groups are so heavy on personal development along with the fitness and nutrition aspects (never experienced what I'm talking about?  Drop me a line; I'd love to have you in my next one!).  They are all interrelated and interdependent.  You cannot be healthy if any of the sides of the health triangle are out of balance.  It doesn't work.

Isn't it amazing, though, how sometimes what you preach comes back around to challenge you?  Something to think about.

Which part of health do YOU have the hardest time with?

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