5KFoamFest - one of the MOST FUN races, ever!

Monday, June 17, 2013

This "race" was absolutely the most fun, most amazing runs I have ever experienced.  We got dirty; we got foamy; we got wet; we had a BLAST!  If you ever get the opportunity to enjoy this adult playground, do yourself a favor and sign up!

We started out, nice and clean and bright.  And yes, I made my companions wear tutus (I am so glad these girls put up with me!).  They didn't like the idea at first, but at the end of our run, we were all agreed that the tutus truly enhanced the experience!

We started by running through a line of foam

and proceeded through a series of obstacles designed to test our limits of stamina and fun:

But the best part of the whole race was also the scariest: a three-story climb and subsequent drop into a pool of muddy water.

The moral of the story?  Take a few moments and forget about the calories and the schedules and the grueling workouts.  Go outside and jump around,

chill out with friends, 

and remember that fitness is about adding life to the moments you have!

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