Monday, October 14, 2013

*SQUEEEEE*  One week into Focus T25, and guess what?  Remember those awful numbers from last week?  Well, THIS GIRL stepped on the scale this morning, and THIS GIRL is four pounds down.  In one week.  Doing 6, 25 minute workouts.  I am pretty sure I woke the neighbors (and my husband for sure!  Sorry, dear!) with my absolutely shocked squeal.

But what if I hadn't?  What if the scale hadn't budged - or worse - went up?  What then?  How do you keep going when the scale is not your friend?
  1. Think in terms of ability.  What could you do before you started?  What can you do now?  Is there a difference?  Are you stronger, faster?  Do you have a longer endurance?  Can you lift heavier?  
  2. Think in terms of consistency.  Did you work out on every day you planned?  Did you eat well every day in the last week? 
  3. Think in terms of clothing.  Does something fit a little better?  Is a certain pair of pants just a bit easier to zip?  Can you wear something you couldn’t just a few short months ago?
  4. Think in terms of confidence.  How do you feel?  Are you more outgoing?  Are you smiling more?  If so, it’s NOT your imagination!  Improved fitness WILL do that!!
  5. Think in terms of sleep and energy.  Are you sleeping better?  Do you feel rested when you awaken?  Do you need less sleep?  Are you more energetic? 
I am very thankful that the scale went down this morning, but I know that that won't always be the case.  I also know that there are better ways of determining success, beyond the numbers on the scale.  

What do YOU look for to determine success?

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