How to Excuse-Proof Your Workouts

Friday, October 11, 2013

I have had an AMAZING week with Focus T25.  There have been moments where I've felt like dying, but every day I still show up.  How?  I have several strategies that I often employ to win the battle within my own head:

  1. Make an appointment.  I'm sure you've heard this strategy before.  You wouldn't cancel an important meeting, would you?  What could be more important than your own health?  I literally will put my scheduled workouts in Outlook so that I get a reminder for each day.  That way, when the alert comes up, I have to actively dismiss it instead of passively ignoring the workout for the day.
  2. Have a ritual.  My mornings are very structured now.  I wake up, put my workout clothes on (with sweats over top now!), put the coffee on, and walk my dog.  By the time we get back inside, the coffee is ready and waiting for me to make a cup.  I take my coffee upstairs and spend some quality time with God.  Immediately, I head down to the basement for my date with Shaun T.  It's structured, ritualistic.  And it keeps me on track.  It just feels "off" if I miss any of those components, you know?
  3. Get enough sleep.  Speaking of my morning ritual, just as important for me is to get enough sleep.  I am one of those people that truly needs a good 7 hours each night.  Otherwise, I get grumpy, foggy, and just plain miserable.  Turns out, sleep helps you lose weight, too!  Just another reason to get enough!
  4. Get accountable.  This is the MOST IMPORTANT thing for me!  If no one knows that I have goals or plans to work out, then I have a much easier time letting things slide.  After all, who's going to know?  And who cares?  Find a way to keep yourself accountable.  Use social media.  Use your significant other.  Just make sure to find someone who will call you on your "crap."  Don't pick someone "nice" who will make excuses for you.  Pick someone who can give you tough love.  Don't have anyone like that?  Contact me via the form on the right, and I'll be your own personal fitness coach.  We can set and meet goals together!
Do you have strategies to keep you on track?  What are they?  I'd love to hear them!

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