Thanksgiving Prep - 2 Weeks to Go!

Friday, November 15, 2013

And the countdown begins!  Thanksgiving is two weeks away, and it's time to start thinking about how to prepare.  For me, if I don't make a plan NOW, I will NOT be ready for the biggest "eating day" of the year!  There is just so much delicious and decadent food (let's face it, no one is immune to the temptations!) that it would be so easy to just say heck with it and eat whatever I wanted.  But this holiday season is NOT going to derail my efforts.  I DO have a plan, and I WILL stick to it!

The first - and most important - part of my plan is to keep myself accountable.  For me, that means to be especially transparent and visible.  I want - no I NEED - to make it absolutely humiliating if I don't stick to my goals.  So what have I done so far?  I've signed up for a 5K Thanksgiving morning - with a friend.  There is no shrugging off my workout because no one else would know...  I would have to disappoint her as well as myself.  That is not an option!  Also, I am still posting on facebook and instagram (you can follow me by using the buttons to the right!) to be more visible.  Finally, I wholeheartedly believe in the "buddy system."  For me, that means connecting to my team of coaches and to my own coach every day.  These ladies keep me on track and point out where I am slacking when I need it.  I LOVE the accountability that they give me.  As an added layer, I provide that same encouragement and accountability to my customers*. 

So, accountability takes care of the motivation issue, but what about the FOOD?  I could just host Thanksgiving at my house and control exactly what I put in front of my guests, but frankly, that is completely unrealistic.  My house is not huge, and honestly, I do not relish having two large families descending on my house on two different days.  Besides, not everyone in my husband's and my families has adopted a clean eating or healthy eating lifestyle.  In fact, there are only two members of our families that I know of.  While I encourage them to eat healthy, I cannot force them to make those choices.  So what do I do?  I bring a side dish to share!  After all, turkey in and of itself is not a "dirty" food.  It's the side dishes that present the danger:  sweet potatoes with marshmallows, green beans with canned mushroom soup, pies galore, etc.  My thoughts are: I can bring a clean side which lessens the load on the host; I will KNOW there is something healthy for me; and I just may inspire someone else to try something healthy.  Win, win, and WIN!! 

Over the next two weeks, I'm going to share some of my recipes as well as some of my other strategies for surviving - and even thriving! - over the holiday.  I would also love to hear some of yours!


*Are you interested in having the accountability of a coach?  Would you like more information about how I can help you meet your health and fitness goals, personally?  Create a FREE account and I will contact you with details!

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