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Friday, December 13, 2013

So the cleanse is done, and I've had another two days since.  I must say that I am pleasantly surprised at some of the "side effects" of the cleanse:  effects that had nothing whatsoever to do with the actual cleanse.  But before I get to those, how about a brief day-by-day rundown on the cleanse?

Day 1 - I was a bit worried about not having coffee in the morning, but I made my green tea and went on with my day.  I had a chocolate shake for breakfast, a honey crisp apple for my mid-morning snack, a chocolate shake for lunch, and another apple for an afternoon snack.  My dinner was mixed veggies (I'm not a huge salad person) and a small chicken breast.  Just before bed I had another chocolate shake.  There were no caffeine headaches; I wasn't the least bit tired during the day.  I did have a bit of hunger, but only just as it was time to eat again.  All in all, it was an easy day.

Day 2 - Tuesday was, by far, the hardest day on the cleanse.  I followed the same diet as the day before.  There were still no caffeine headaches (huge surprise!), and I had more energy than I know what to do with.  What made Tuesday hard, though, was the simple desire for hot, solid food.  Also, I was hungry pretty much all day.  I had an extra piece of fruit - an orange - but I was still hungry.  However, I couldn't get over how much energy I had. 

Day 3 - Wednesday was easier than Tuesday, but I was still hungry.  I followed the same plan again for the third day.  To be honest, I was getting a bit tired of three of the same shakes, but the amazing sleep and the tremendous amount of energy I had were phenomenal.  I never did get the caffeine withdrawal headaches, which still surprises me.

So what were the "perks" of the cleanse?  Well, first of all, I did lose weight.  5.4 pounds to be exact.  But maybe even more remarkable?  Thursday was our office Christmas party, and someone brought in lots and lots of soda.  Diet soda is one of my vices.  However, I wasn't even tempted by it.  That was HUGE for me!!  I honestly thought that water would taste better, and it was very satisfying.

Then there were the mental effects.  I learned that a cleanse is a mental thing just as much as a physical one.  Even though it's only 3 days, it required constantly reminding myself why I was doing it.  It was a lesson in discipline and a boost to my motivation.  It was tough, but I did it, and mentally, it was absolutely worth it.  The weight loss was just the icing on the cake.  I would STRONGLY suggest the Shakeology cleanse to anyone who needs a little kick!

Want to try it?  Contact me, and I will get you everything you need for your own cleanse.  And don't forget, you can also use that link to contact me about my new P90X3 group starting on January 6.  I'd love to help you reach your goals!

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