21 Day Fix

21 Day Fix - Day 1

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Today was the day - the day I started "fixing" my nutrition and changing my body with the 21 Day Fix.  Today was the day that I stopped eating by calories and started eating by portions and by types of foods.  I made up my meal plan for the week based on my colored containers and was all set to go.  And then the hubby dropped a bomb:  he wanted to go out for lunch after church.  Now, the Fix allows for eating out on the plan, but I *was* hoping to avoid that...especially at first, not to mention the FIRST day!! 

So I did what any rational human being would do:

  1. I panicked.  I took out my frustration on my amazing hubby.  I fumed.  
  2. Next, I thought about delaying my start date.  I usually start my new programs on Mondays anyways.  It's all good; one more day wasn't going to hurt anything.
  3. Finally, I decided to make it work.  I tapped into the awesome network of coaches on my team on Facebook, got IMMEDIATE feedback, and figured out exactly what I could eat and what containers it would use.
  4. And then, we went out to lunch after church.
So after my little mini freakout was over and we were back home, I rearranged my meal plan and realized that things were right where they should be for the day.  And speaking of, here is my plan for the week:

Can we just take a minute to appreciate just how much food I am eating on this plan?  It feels like a TON, and I had to force myself to eat it all today.  This is definitely NOT a starvation diet! 

And the workout?  In a word, awesome!  While I didn't realize it *during* the workout, afterwards my thighs and abs were screaming.  I can't remember the last time my abs were actually sore after a workout.  That right there tells me it's effective.  Can't wait to see where this program takes me!

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