21 Day Fix

21 Day Fix - A Reflection On My First Week

Sunday, February 23, 2014

So it's been a week on the Fix, and let me tell you:  it's been a wild ride!  I have been eating higher quantities of higher quality foods, and I have seen some amazing results!  Want to see? 

See a difference?  *I* definitely do!!  And did I mention that this is 7 days?  Just 7 days!!  I have more of a waist and less of a tummy in just 7 days....and I get to eat a ton of food AND the workouts are a blast!  This program is a COMPLETE game-changer for me.  It has absolutely, 100% changed the way I think about nutrition. 

So what have I learned? 
  1. It really IS about what you eat as much as - or maybe more than - how much you eat.  I am eating an average of 300-500 MORE calories per day on the Fix than I was prior to the Fix.  Yet, I am seeing dramatic changes.  What's different?  *What* makes up the calories I am eating.  
  2. I definitely needed to add more veggies and fruits to my diet.  Now that I have to actually count each thing that I eat, I realize just how much I *wasn't* eating.  I need to continue to use vegetables and fruits as the basis of my diet.
  3. I need a defined schedule.  Yesterday and today just proved that, left to my own devices, I either don't eat enough (yesterday) OR I tend to eat mindlessly (today).
  4. Finally, I have learned that simple does not always mean boring.  My husband is a simple guy.  He has relished this week of plain pork chops and chicken breasts.  And I have discovered the power of just a few simple spices.  There will be a few more meals each week that are simple, yet flavorful. 
I wonder what lessons the next two weeks will bring...

Fitness-wise, I have another love in this program that is almost as dear to me as the Dirty 30, and that is Total Body Cardio Fix.  It's the first workout of the week, and maybe that is the reason I didn't appreciate it as much last week.  Today, though, I had a blast with it!  Overall, I could really get used to the 7 workouts in the Fix.  Though I have my favorites (Dirty 30, anyone?), all of them have proven to challenge me.  And all of them seem to be working together.  Here's to the next two weeks!

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