21 Day Fix

Day 10 - Dragging My Bum Through Lower Fix

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

So my goal of being sore after Upper Fix?  I can check that one off the list.  My upper back/lats are happily tight.  And yes, I really do mean happily.  I LOVE that feeling the next day where you know you WORKED the day before! 

That being said, I was really looking forward to Lower Fix today.  Last week left me shaking at the end of the workout, and I was itching to tame my booty with some hardcore work.  I upped my weights on this workout as well.  And yes, it left me utterly spent again.  And I LOVED it!  You know what else I love?  Seeing definition in my calves and shoulders after only one week on this program. 

Nutritionally today, things were pretty good again, although I must admit that I am beginning to crave sweets.  That is weird for me (except right before that "time of the month"), but I think it may have something to do with how difficult it is to get my fruits in each day.  I do find that I am having to end the day with fruit in order to meet my goals.  I think I am going to switch it up a bit and try having fruits for snacks instead of my sliced cucumbers and peppers.  Maybe having the sweetness from the fruit throughout the day will help to curb my sweet tooth.

Another thing I noticed today is that I am a bit weary.  I would guess (which I will know for sure tomorrow) it's because of the extra hour of cardio last night with zumba.  I did the cardio, but didn't replace the extra calories.  If it really was just the extra activity, I should be feeling better tomorrow. 

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