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Friday, February 07, 2014

First things first:  you know that program I told you all about on Monday?  Well, it is obviously just what many people need because the basic kits sold out the FIRST DAY!!  Crazy, right?  Makes me very glad I ordered mine when I did - and it's supposed to be here Wednesday!!  I am sooo excited!!  That being said, the challenge packs are still available (although on a short shipping delay) as are the challenge packs that can be bought when first signing as a coach.  And speaking of which, there is NO better time to join if you have been considering it at all!  Think about it:  you can get an awesome, hot-selling program guaranteed to overhaul your eating habits for only $10 more than the cost of Shakeology PLUS you can join as a coach for FREE!  Yep, the magic word, right? 

So who is coaching for?

Do you want to positively impact the lives of those you love most?  Do you want to be able to act as a resource and a source of encouragement for your family and friends?  Then coaching is for you.


Do you want to be a lifelong learner of nutrition or fitness-related knowledge?  Then coaching is for you.


Do you want to improve your own fitness and nutrition, and if you happen to inspire others along the way, even better?  Then coaching is for you.


Do you want to be free financially to spend time with your family or travel more or provide a better life for those you love?  Then coaching is for you.


Do you want a pretty awesome discount on products from THE leading fitness company in existence?  Then coaching is for you.

You can learn more about coaching here, and there is also an application there if you would like to join my team.  Personally, deciding to be a coach is one of the best decisions I EVER made - right along with marrying my handsome hubby and deciding to become a nurse.  And it is has proven to be just as powerful.  I wouldn't trade it for the world!!

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