It's a Birthday Celebration...and YOU'RE Invited!

Monday, April 28, 2014

So next Monday is my birthday, and I want to celebrate it by offering YOU some amazing opportunities.

The first is a brand-new, seven day challenge group, beginning on Monday, May 5. 

Oh, yeah, and the group is FREE.  Yep, free.  No cash required.  No purchase required.

However, free doesn't mean you don't have *any* skin in the game.  There are a couple requirements:

  • You commit to 30 minutes of exercise every day.
  • You participate in the daily challenges (I promise, they won't take long!)
  • You commit to posting every day in a private Facebook group.
  • You provide Before AND After pictures so you can see your progress after only 7 days.  (I think you will be pleasantly surprised!)
And what do you get from me?
  • Daily tips - these can be anything from  tips on meal planning, recipes, and workout tips
  • Daily posts right along with you in the group
  • Daily mini-challenges designed to maximize your results
So what do you say?  Are you willing to really commit to 7 days?  What do you have to lose?  Better yet, what do you have to GAIN?



Secondly, just through next Monday, I'm offering a discount on both the Shakeology Cleanse packs and the 7 day trial packs of Shakeology. 

Interested in either opportunity?  Contact me or message me on Facebook immediately!  I can't wait to get you started!

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