Top 10 Reasons I Prefer to Work Out at Home

Monday, April 21, 2014

Have you ever wondered if it's really worth it to work out at the gym?  Or maybe vice versa?  Have you ever wondered if it's really worth it to work out at home?  I personally choose to work on me in the comfort of my own home.  Wanna know why?

1.  Time

Time is a valuable commodity.  I may have mentioned a time or two that I live out in the country.  It takes time to get to a gym, time to change, time to get home.  For me, at the minimum, going to the gym tacks on an extra half hour to an hour.  Again, that's at a minimum.  Instead, I only have to add a maximum of 10-15 minutes to my workout by doing it at home.  And that's only if I need a little Energy & Endurance to get moving.

2.  Money

I have already discussed the value of working out at home, but it really is a big reason why I choose to!  I mean, I get a full program that I get to keep forever that will most assuredly bring results.  And best part?  A three month program is LESS than the cost of three months at a gym.  And each program has a satisfaction guarantee.  What gym offers that kind of a guarantee?

3. Bedhead and Bleary Eyes

Pretty sight, eh?  That is pretty much what I look like every morning...  Trust me, that is *not* something I want to unleash on the world; I don't think it could handle that beauty!  ha!  Thankfully, I just have to drag myself downstairs, and no one has to see me.  :)

4.  The Remote

Have you ever been in a fitness class where - for whatever reason - you just can't keep up?  Maybe the class is full of "regulars," and the instructor isn't as detailed in his/her instruction.  Maybe the class is more advanced than you assumed or are ready for.  Heck, maybe you're just exhausted!  Don't you wish you could just pause the class for a quick breather or go back a few minutes to really master a piece of choreography?  I can! And I do!

5.  No Competition/Intimidation

Ok, so yes, some competition is healthy and can actually drive you to excellence.  However, people like me can take that little push and let it push us right over the edge.  Case in point:  I get on a treadmill next to someone else.  They're running faster; they've been at it longer.  Me?  I feel the need to keep up with them.  Here's the thing, though:  I physically can't.

Then there's the visual comparisons.  She's thinner; he's stronger...  These thoughts lead me to think I do not belong there and take a huge toll on my self-worth.  But now?  Now, it truly is only me vs. me.  How far can I run?  How fast?  How much weight am I lifting as opposed to last week?  How many push-ups can I eek out?  Pull-ups?  And as long as I'm working hard, *I* will always be the best - because I am besting the person I was yesterday.

6.  Multitasking

Does anyone else feel like housework is neverending?  And does anyone else feel "guilty" for taking time to work on yourself while there is housework to be done?  And that is another reason I like to work out in my basement.  I have my "gym" on one side of the basement, and my "laundry room" is on the other.  I can get sweaty and disgusting on one side of the basement while my clothes get nice and clean on the other.  Or, if I am working out at night, I can work out while food is in the oven.

7.  No Lines for Equipment

I don't know about you, but I am the type of person who wants to get in and get out and still get a killer workout.  I always have a plan of what I want to do with/on which equipment, and there is nothing more annoying than having to WAIT for that equipment!  I can't count how many times I would go to the gym (when I had a membership) and have to wait for a machine because it always seemed like - no matter what my plan for the day was - everyone else had the same plan.

Now, though, I have no lines!  I get to work out with the trainer I want, any time I want.  I get to run on my treadmill or use my elliptical any time I want - with no time limit (seriously, that 30 minute time limit at gyms blows!  I can't even get through an episode of Supernatural in 30 minutes!  ha!)

8.  My Gym is Never Closed

I work some pretty odd hours, even now that I work in an office.  The times I have to work out are usually before most gyms are open or after most gyms are closed.  But by working out at home, my gym is NEVER closed.  I can work out any time of the morning or night that I want.

9.  I Don't Have to Match

This is me, and it's me, comfortable.  I wake up, throw the first outfit my hand lands on, on, walk the dog, and then head downstairs.  So, yes, there are times when I am wearing a pink headband, blue tank top, red and black hoodie, and - yes - even furry pink slippers.  But what do I care?  No one else can see me.

And finally...

10.  NO Headlights! (at least none that the public can see... ;) )

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