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21 Day Fix - Are YOU In?

Monday, May 26, 2014

Okay, first of all, let me just say I am so sorry I have been a stranger. For those of you who have any idea what's going on in the medical field or for those of you who have any idea what's happening with the Affordable Care Act, you may know that right now is a very busy time for healthcare professionals. We are scrambling to make a July 1 deadline. That being said, I've had very little time to do much more than eat, sleep, work and, yes, work out.  But I now have a plan in place to help me keep on top of all of that plus this blog. This blog is very important to me. In fact it's one of the few things outside of throwing around some weights that allows me to blow off steam. It truly brings me joy to connect with all of you out there in cyberspace. So from now on, look for three posts per week. If something does happen that I am unable to do so, at least look for a brief blurb/explanation. There will be something every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from now on - unless I happen to be kidnapped and held under armed guard and unable to post.  😖. That okay with you?

If so, let's move onto the good news.

So you know how I was thrilled - absolutely ecstatic - about the 21 Day Fix for myself? Well, the number of success stories across the board has been staggering!  I could tell you about Jen (I seem to know a lot of people named Jennifer, eh?  Hmm....) who lost 11 pounds and 14 inches with the Fix:

Or how about Jessie who lost 10 pounds and nearly 11 inches:

Pretty awesome, right?  Well, I am not going to go into their stories.  I'm going to tell you an even better one.  This story is about one of the most amazing women I have ever had the opportunity to know.  Her story begins several years ago.  She's always been a bit shy, a little self-conscious, and she has no idea how amazing she really is.

This woman has worked hard to provide for everyone else in her life:  as a child she cooked and earned money with a paper route.  As an adult she was the sole breadwinner for her husband and her daughter.  She supported three people on a salary below the poverty level, but she never once accepted food stamps or welfare.  And in case you're wondering, the family always had food, always had shelter, and always felt her love.  Instead, she knew where EVERY.  SINGLE.  CENT she earned went.  Every last one.  She used to print out her budget and expenses on an old dot matrix printer on pages and pages...  That fact becomes important later on in our story.

So this woman struggled with her weight for her daughter's entire life.  That weight had begun to take its toll on her over the last few years in the form of aches and pains.

Let's fast-forward to last month.  This woman - my mom - began drinking Shakeology every day.  By simply replacing one meal a day with Shakeology, she lost a few pounds and began to feel so much better.
Now, remember how I said she was a *bit* of a budgeter?  She decided that Shakeology was absolutely worth the investment in herself, so she got her own home direct order.  But since it was so drastically reduced when purchased along with a fitness program and thereafter by being a coach, it only made sense for her to purchase a challenge pack, simply for the monetary incentive.  Which one did she choose?  Based on my high praise, she chose the 21 Day Fix.

She started the Fix last Monday.  Why am I already counting her a success?  Is it because she's already lost 3 pounds just within 1 week?  Is it because she's already lost 2 inches from her hips, again just within 1 week?  Nope, neither one of those two reasons.

I count her a success already because of two other, lesser-recognized reasons:

  1. She hasn't missed a single workout.  Let that sink in.  This lady - who happens to be 57 years young - hasn't missed a single workout.
  2. Remember her aches and pains?  Well, the day she did Pilates Fix, she was complete PAIN FREE for the rest of the day.  No pain in her back, none in her hips, and none in her knees.  NONE.  And while she still has had pain since then, she reports that it is much less than usual overall.  This is a woman who has always regarded exercise as a chore - a selfish one at that - who is now EXCITED to work out every morning (at 4:30AM no less!) because her pain is less.  By working harder, by moving more, and by accepting her coach's and her trainer's guidance, she is already experiencing a better quality of life - after 1 week!
I am thrilled; I am ecstatic; and I really want to share this joy.  The Fix is powerful.  Dare I say, it may even be foolproof?  I want that for you.  I want you to see how phenomenal this program is.  I want you to experience the short and long-termed successes that this program offers.  And I want to be there to see it.  Will you let me?  Can we go on a 4 week journey together?  I'm opening a 21 Day Fix group to start next Monday, June 2.  I'd love for you to be in it.  I'll be doing the Fix myself to get in prime bathing suit shape.  Won't you join me?

Contact me with the subject line of "Count Me In!" and let's get started!

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