5K Foam Fest 2014 (Pic Heavy)

Monday, June 16, 2014

Remember last year when I introduced you to the most fun race, ever?  Well, after the amazing time I had last year, I was NOT missing out this year!  Plus, as a bonus, Saturday was technically the start to my vacation.  No better way to start it than this race, in my opinion!

This year was maybe even better than last year.  Best part?  Instead of driving 40 minutes to the race site, this year it was held approximately 20 minutes away from my house (not counting the extra half hour it took us to find the *right* starting location....  lol) AND my friend and I were graciously chauffeured by my amazing hubby. 

So, you want to see the race?  (Too bad if you don't, the pics are coming at you!)

Starting line...and yes, that's a banana

LOVE this girl and her quirky sense of humor!  SOOOO glad God brought us together!
Inflatable lemons....hmmmm

There were some unplanned water obstacles.  This one stretched for quite a long while.  We just had fun splashing our way through.  That is, until I tripped (did I ever mention I'm a huge klutz?) and experienced some fun "road rash."  lolol

The best pic of the entire run?  This one, from the "body washer."  The obstacle was full of foam and these inflatable pillars similar to the toys kids have that don't tip over.  Lisa had the pleasure of discovering bouncing causes backlash.  hahahaha

The volunteers for these races are the most phenomenal people.  And thankfully, they are also the most good-natured.  Gotta love when they are willing to take pictures of you conquering the different obstacles!

The scariest obstacle of the race?  Yep, that reeeeaaally high slide.  Like last year, going up was no problem.  It was going down that messes with your head.  But we survived!

Last but not least, the slip-n-slide.  UNLIKE last year, despite our best running leaps, we did NOT make it the whole way across.  And of course, our crawling was caught on camera. 

And, we're done!  Whew!  Can't wait until next year!

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