Water, Water, Water - Let's Talk Hydration!

Friday, June 13, 2014

So I am absolutely sure that if you have taken steps to be healthier, you have been told - and maybe tell others - about the importance of drinking more water.  But do you know why?  Maybe you've heard random percentages thrown around... like 90% of your body is water.  Or 50%.  Or 75%...  Maybe you've heard other reasons to drink more water.  I recommend it for my challengers, and I strive to drink more myself.  What are my reasons?

 I try to drink more water because the ideal body water percentage for women is 50-60%, and the moment I feel thirsty I have already lost 2-3% of my percentage of water.  And did you know that you become mentally impaired and uncoordinated at only 1% loss?  I learned that while researching for this post.  So every time I work out, every time I sweat, I am actually contributing to my own uncoordination...  UNLESS I make an effort to drink more water to compensate.  Did you also know that you lose approximately 9 glasses of water simply by doing normal every day things like breathing and urinating?  Crazy, right?

I also drink water because it helps to curb my appetite, especially when I am "hungry" simply because I am bored.  It also helps when I believe I am hungry but am actually thirsty.

Water also keeps my inner workings working smoothly.  It keeps my kidneys functioning well.  It keeps things "flowing" to keep me "going." 

So how much water do you need?  There's a simple little equation that I give my challengers to figure out the number of cups they need per day:

Body Weight (in ounces) / 2 / 8

So, a 150 pound woman would look like this:  150/2 = 75.  75/8 = 9.35 cups of water.  I would recommend that 150 pound woman round up to 10.  

How do *I* get in my water?  I carry this around all day and aim to fill and empty it at least 3 times per day. 

So what are you suggestions?  Do you try to get your water in?  What are your strategies?

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