Wednesday, June 04, 2014

It's June, and we're headed into the best months of the year!  Anyone else love summer as much as I do?  The sun, the sand, the storms (hey, I'm an adrenaline junkie!)....  That's heaven to me!

You know what's not heaven, though?  Feeling embarrassed.  Insecurity.  Self-consciousness.  Are you feeling any of that going into this summer?  Well, guess what?  Beachbody is doing something incredible, something I've never seen them do:  they are DRASTICALLY cutting the prices of some of the BEST programs for just a few days.  I'm not talking just a couple dollars, here, either.  I'm talking discounts over 50% in some instances.  Want in?  Make me your coach to get these tremendous deals as soon as they are available (12PM PST/3PM EST)!

Here's just a SAMPLING of what's being offered (based on my personal preferences):

Les Mills Pump - BACK IN STOCK!!
Original Price:  $165.85

Sale Price:  $82.93

Coach Price:  $62.20

And, yes, this includes the bar and weights and everything you need to sculpt long, lean muscles!!  Extra weights are on sale at 50% off as well.

Les Mills Combat
Original Price:  $59.85

Sale Price:  $35.91

Coach Price:  26.93

Weighted gloves are on sale at 50% off.

ChaLEAN Extreme - SOLD OUT (my first love affair with weights!)
Original Price:  $89.85

Sale Price:  $58.95

Coach Price:  $44.21

I highly suggest this program to beginners!  Your body will transform seemingly before your eyes.  Weights or a resistance band is required for this program. 

Other items on sale include:

  • P90X  Originally $120  Discount 50% off = $59.90  (coach price $44.93)
  • P90X2 Originally $120  Discount 50% off = $59.90  (coach price $44.93)
  • Tai Cheng Originally $120  Discount 50% off = $60 (coach price $44.57)
  • Slim in 6 Originally $39  Discount 37% off = $24.95  (coach price $18.71)
  • Hip Hop Abs/Rockin' Abs Originally $20  Discount 50% off = $9.95  (coach price $7.46)
  • Insanity: The Asylum + Free Chin up Bar Originally $149.70  Discount 40% off = $89.87  (coach price $67.39)

  • Barbell Weights 5 lbs. Originally $16.90  Discount 50% off = $8.45  (coach price $6.34)
  • Barbell Weights 10 lbs Originally $31.90  Discount 50% off = $15.95 (coach price $11.96)
  • Les Mills Combat Gloves Originally $40  Discount 50% off = $20  (coach price $14.95)
  • P90X Chin-up Bar Originally $60  Discount 33% off = $39.95  (coach price $29.96)
  • Stability & Medicine Ball Pack Orig $130.85  Discount 85% off = $19.95  (coach price $14.96)
  • Foam Roller Originally $30 Discount 40% off = $17.95  (coach price $13.46)
  • Team Beachbody Apparel Prices Vary. Free shipping! 
REMEMBER:  sale prices will be reflected starting June 4 at 12PM Pacific Standard Time/3PM Eastern Standard Time.  Based on previous Black Friday Sales, these WILL sell out!

All items can be accessed via links above or as a whole here 

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