Spirit-Filled Sunday

Spirit-Filled Sunday - Fear is Crippling

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Continuing on in the vein of fear, I was reading this week in Numbers about the 12 spies sent to Canaan.  Don't know the story?  A synopsis:  God promised Canaan to the Israelites.  They reached it, and sent 12 spies into the land.  It was fruitful and rich, but there were giants living in the land.  10 of the 12 spies believed it couldn't be taken. 2 spies - Caleb and Joshua - had faith that God would provide.  Their passion for God far outweighed their fear of the giants in the land.

Fear is crippling. How many times have you seen something wonderful and yet let it slip away because you were afraid?

Let's talk Caleb, Joshua, and the Israelites for a moment.  The entire nation of Israel had seen signs and wonders, miracles and plagues, food and water from heaven while they were on their way to a land that was fruitful and promised to them. But when they got there, what happened?

Out of 12 men, only 2 believed that this marvelous land could be delivered into the Israelites' hands.  2!  This nation had seen God wipe out their Egyptian pursuers with waves of WATER, but only 2 spies believed this same God could deliver this promised nation. 

What have you seen? How has God been faithful to you? With that in mind, what are you afraid of? What risk are you not taking because you are afraid? What scary thing is God calling you to, that you are not doing - out of fear?

One more thought: out of that entire nation of Israel, who entered the Promised Land? I'll give you a hint: it was NOT the people who feared...

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