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Week 2 of Les Mills Combat/Pump Hybrid

Friday, January 30, 2015

Les Mills Pump/Combat Hybrid - Week 2 ReviewAnd just like that, week two is done.

Ok, so maybe not *just* like that...  Actually, this week was a bit tough - at least the first half.  Why?  Because - for the first time in ~2.5 years - I got sick (can I just catch a break, here?  Seriously, these last couple weeks are out to kill me!).

Not just sniffle, sniffle sick, either.

We're talking hacking, bronchitis, sinusitis, sleep-anytime-I'm-halfway-horizontal sick.  This girl?  Not a happy camper.  One thing it did show me, though?  I have never been more thankful to work with and for such amazing people.  I'm not usually someone who gets "taken care of," but I sure felt taken care of this week.  So, if any of you from the office is reading this, thank you, truly!

Les Mills Combat/Pump Hybrid Week 2So, week 2....yes, even though I was crazy sick, I did complete week 2.  Let's just say that there may have been some double days in there.  Now, before you ask, no, I never say that you have to work out when you're sick.  There is nothing wrong with postponing a workout or two to recover.  And there is absolutely nothing wrong with adjusting a schedule back a few days.  I am just having such an amazing time with this schedule that I wanted to get back to it!  Course, there's always the fact that I don't take breaks very well, personally......  ;)

Week 2 was very similar to the first week, and I loved every bit of it just as much.  Possibly even more. After all, this week was about proving to myself that I could do it, that I wasn't beaten.  That, yes, I wasn't weak. 

Turns out, I'm not.  

Even though I was sick, I was able to increase my weights (slightly!) on certain Pump Days.   And for now?  I will choose to focus on that. 

Les Mills Combat/Pump Hybrid Week 2

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