Friday, November 06, 2015

Monday I told you about my struggle with authenticity.  I told you how I have been guilty of trying to be something or someone who is not necessarily "me."  Today I want to talk about something that is even harder for me:  vulnerability.

I have started writing this post at least 4 times - and have erased it every single time.  I'm not good at being vulnerable.  I know, I know, that's crazy for a blogger to write, isn't it?  I mean, the whole point of having a blog is to share yourself with the world, right?  I know this, and in actuality, that knowledge delivers a great little extra layer of accountability.  If I'm sharing myself with the world, I want to make sure I'm sharing my best self with the world, you know?

Ahh, but therein lies the issue, as well. 

What happens when I'm not my best self?  As I am sure you have gathered if you've been around any length
of time, I tend to withdraw.  I don't want to reveal myself, warts and all.  After all, what if one of those warts is on my nose and is so big it obscures my face?  What if my ultimate message is hidden by my own faults?

vulnerabilityWhat I have learned over time, though, is vulnerability actually MAKES the message.  My coach used to say ALL THE TIME that your mess becomes your message, and I have found on my social media pages that being vulnerable actually strengthens what I have to say.  As soon as I admit my own shortcomings, I instantly become more relatable and less pompous.  And guess what?  That's my goal!  Who wants to be pompous, anyways?  ;)

So, here's my promise to you:  you're going to get it all.  You're going to get the beautiful AND the ugly, the victories AND the failures, my proud moments AND my not so proud moments.  And if you notice that I sugarcoat or start to hide, please please PLEASE call me on my crap?  And will you share your true selves with me?

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