P90X3 - Week 2 Recap

Friday, April 14, 2017

The theme for this week was very obviously non-scale victories.  What do I mean by that?  I mean, first off, this week was "pre-shark week," and it was a doozy.  So, no, I did not lose weight this week.  BUT (yes, it's a big but), BUT, there was definitely some observable progress (and some really great lessons) this week.  First, the progress pics:

results with PMS

Not terribly different, but still some progress.  I will take it!  What I'm most proud of, though?  The objective performance data of last week compared to this week.  Higher weights, more reps, higher calorie burn, increased flexibility...all things I track with each workout, and all things that have improved.

The kicker?  I felt weaker.  I felt slower.  

Thankfully, numbers don't lie.  Lesson #1:  Track your workouts!!

One such measurement of progress?  Plow pose.  I was SOOOO frustrated last week because I couldn't touch the floor with my toes in Plow.  Um, hello?  That's not where I used to be, flexibility-wise, and it was utterly discouraging.  I knew lifting had made me tighter; I knew I wasn't *as* flexible as I once was.  That fact was one reason (among many) I chose P90X3 as my next program.  But, wow!  Not being able to touch the floor - even with bent legs - that was humbling.  

But after a solid week of Tony's program, I am very happy to report that I was able to touch the floor with STRAIGHT legs in week 2!  

Sometimes a little change is all you need.  Lesson #2:  Don't be afraid to flip the script!

P90X3 week 2

Not where you want to be?  Not getting the results you'd hoped for?  Don't be afraid to flip the script!  You just may find that one change is all you need!

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