Don't Just Count Your Years. Make Your Years Count.

Monday, May 08, 2017

Don't Just Count Your Years.  Make Your Years Count.  

~  Ernest Meyers

Friday, the 5th, was my birthday.  Friday I turned 35.  Can I be real for a tiny second?  I wasn't thrilled about this one.   I didn't want to hit 35.  There are things I believed - that I ASSUMED - would have happened by 35.

Have you ever started down a road with the assumption that you would reach your destination quickly?  After all, you've seen SO MANY people in the same situation as you reach the destination in so many days, months, or years.  Follow a certain formula; take certain steps; and BAM!  Your road will take you exactly where you want to go.

explore wander appreciate experience liveI've learned something over the last several years.  Life is rarely so formulaic.  The road toward a particular goal is rarely so straight.  

But isn't that a good thing, really?  

Have you ever taken a road trip?  Did you always stick to the interstates, or did you take the back roads, winding through the countryside?  Which way had the most experiences?  Which way do you remember?

I've driven a lot of places, but I remember three road trips, in particular.  There was a drive from Florida to Pennsylvania, a drive from Texas to Pennsylvania, and a drive from San Diego to Anaheim.  Do you know what made each of those drives memorable?  We didn't take the most direct route.  We took the time to explore the journey.  The destination mattered, but the journey mattered JUST AS MUCH.

The same is true with life, isn't it?  I could spend an inordinate amount of time lamenting the fact that my goal is no closer today than it was five years ago.  I could put my life on pause - in fact, I bet you know a person or two who has done just that.

I don't choose that life.  I choose to enjoy the scenery around me.  I choose to explore, to wander.  I choose to appreciate, to experience, to LIVE!  I may or may not reach my destination.  But again, the journey is just as important.

What do you choose?

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