P90X3 - Week 5 Recap

Friday, May 05, 2017

Oh, my goodness, you guys!!  Block 2 is an entirely different animal than Block 1!  I mean, I am SORE!  My back?  My legs?  My butt?  They alllllll hurt this week.  It's like I started a brand new program!  I mean, you know it's bad when even YOGA hurts!

p90x3 mmxI'll be quite honest:  I blame the first workout of the week for ALL the soreness!  In Block 1 of P90X3, the upper body workout was called "The Challenge" - and all it contained was variations of push ups and pull ups.  Again, that was Block 1...Block 2 ups the ante a bit.  The upper body workout is now "Eccentric Upper," and it is BRUTAL.  New variations on push ups and pull ups, plus weight-lifting exercises serve to completely toast the upper body.  My shoulders and upper back were sore for DAYS.  Then you add in the crazy lower body days, and - as has been stated ad nauseum to this point - you get crazy sore all week.  I *finally* wasn't sore come Saturday....  Just two days before starting the week all over again.  I think this block may kill me.

In case it sounds like nothing but misery, let me tell you, that is SO not the case!!  Yes, the whole week was six days of soreness like I haven't experienced in AGES, but part of the reason for that?  How flipping FUN this week was!  Two of my favorite workouts feature prominently in this block:  Triometrics and MMX.  Triometrics takes basic moves and gives 3 variations of each one...and somehow it both hurts AND is so. much. fun.  And MMX?  Mixed martial arts....30 minutes of intense cardio that seriously flies by!  I was toasted after those 30 minutes, but I also really wanted more...  

I am loving these workouts, despite the pain.  I'm still having so much FUN!  At the risk of sounding incredibly cheesy, I have felt more ALIVE over the last 5 weeks than I have in ages.  I'm excited to wake up in the morning. I am excited to attack the day.  And I love my daily dates with Tony.  Cheesy or not, it's the truth.  I forgot how amazing I could feel!

Can I share that feeling with you?  Seriously, can I?  If so, please contact me or fill out the form below.  I want EVERYONE to feel this good!

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