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Just a Few AWESOME Little Successes

Monday, January 13, 2014

Friday's post kind of dissected challenge groups clinically and objectively, but today's post is much more fun!  Today I want to tell you about two very special challengers.

The first is one of my oldest and dearest friends.  In fact we knew each other while in diapers.  She is on a journey to lose weight and get healthy, and she has some new motivation in the form of her upcoming WEDDING!!  Seriously, I love this girl!

Well, guess what?  She started drinking Shakeology and doing Les Mills Pump after work every morning.  Oh, yeah, did I mention she did all that while working nights an hour away from home?  Yeah, she's pretty incredible.  Anyways, guess what kind of results she got after only 30 days?

She lost one inch from her bust, one inch off her waist, and two inches off her hips!  And what does she have to say about Les Mills Pump?

"It's kicking my tuckus!  But I love it!  The workouts are fun and I'm starting to feel the results paid for in sore muscles!  Lol!  I'm following the workout calendar in the program, and I really like that they include walking on some days."

And Shakeology?

"Love it!  Trying out some recipes from the website.  I drink one every day, and I feel great!"

Awesome, right?  And remember, that is only 30 days!!  But I have an even more incredible story in the second challenger I want to tell you about.  This girl is an inspiration in more ways than one.  She is brilliant, a stay-at-home mother of two young girls, and she has a heart big enough to hold all of New York City.  She is creative and caring and just an all-around inspiring person.

Her journey started about a year ago when she had her second daughter.  She began tracking her food and has lost almost 100 pounds, just by focusing on nutrition!  She began to slow down this past fall, so she decided to join my P90X3 group that started January 6.  Let me tell you, she is blowing it out of the water!  She is plugging in, drinking her Shakeology, and doing the work.....and she is reaping results...ALREADY!!  In one and a half weeks, she had already lost 1.6 pounds and - stunningly - 2 inches from her waist!!  And her energy and enthusiasm are utterly infectious!  I seriously cannot WAIT to see where the next several weeks will take her.  The sky is the limit!

So, why do I brag about these incredible women? 
  1. I am beyond proud of their accomplishments and their continued hard work
  2. I want to invite YOU to begin your own success.  I can give you the tools you need for lasting success.  I can teach you; I can lead you to your own success story.  Won't you consider joining my next challenge group?  I have a few openings left in a group starting January 27.  Contact me for more information or to get started TODAY!

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