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The TRUE Cost of a Challenge Pack

Friday, January 10, 2014

Part of my job as a coach is to invite people to my challenge groups so that I can give personalized and individualized attention to those that are ready and committed to make the changes they need to in order to be successful.  I get a variety of answers to those invitations:  Yes! No!  I’d love to, but…  Not right now.  But perhaps the most common answers I receive have something to do with money.  Heck, that was MY response originally! 

So I did a little research.  You may be surprised at what I found.

First, so we are comparing apples to apples, what is a challenge group?  A challenge group is a closed Facebook group where the members have all committed to being involved in a fitness program, to replacing one meal a day with Shakeology, and to posting regularly in the group (at least once per day).  In return, my challengers receive personalized motivation, daily tips, meal planning strategies, a source of information, support, and encouragement.  And those are just from me!  Also, my challengers receive a daily dose of dense nutrition to help their bodies function at their highest capacities.  And finally, my challengers receive dedicated, researched, personalized training that is engineered to produce the best results possible.  A challenge group truly is the whole package.


One of the most obvious comparisons to challenge packs is a gym membership.  So let's break it down.  First you have the initiation or joiner's fee.  In my regional area, the initial fee to join a gym - or even the YMCA - is $20 - $100.  Add to that the monthly fees of $45-$50 per month, and the dollars begin to increase.  

Even still, those fees only get you in the door, so to speak.  Those fees do not give you a program to follow.  They do not provide you with direction.  For those services, there is a fee for personal training.  In my area, personal training is $27 - $60 PER HOUR.  And how often do you see that personal trainer?  Once a week?  Once per month?  Or do you work out with them every day?

Finally, gyms do not provide any nutritional component.  There is no charge for it because gyms just don't offer the services.  There is no comparison here.

So what's the bottom line for one month?  In my area, $70-$155.  And no nutritional component.  Definitely not the whole package.

Online Food Delivery Systems

Ok, wow, there are tons of options here.  Nutrisystem, Personal Trainer Food, Medifast, etc...  But guess what they all have in common?  Maybe I'll just let their webpages speak for themselves:

Medifast:  $363.90 for four weeks
Nutrisystem:  $229.99-$319.99 for four weeks 
What's missing here?  Of course, both the fitness and the coaching components.  Plus, you don't actually learn about portion control or proper eating habits.  Instead, you are forced to eat small, prepackaged foods that may take the weight off but will never teach you how to keep it off.  Again, definitely not the whole package.

Online Coaching

So there are other online options for coaching.  One such service is Retrofit.  And here is their pricing scheme:

While I feel this site is most similar to what I as a coach do, there are still definite deficiencies.  There is no guarantee that you would get the proper nutrition.  Also, there is still no researched and proven fitness program.  Finally, do you notice how often you get your personalized coaching?  At the MOST, once per WEEK. 

Final Tally:

So, let's go back over everything for one month: 
Gym:  $70-$155
  • fitness for experienced exercisers
  • no nutrition
  • no coaching
Food Delivery:  $229.99-$363.90
  • nutrition provided with portion control
  • no fitness component
  • no coaching
Online Coaching:  $59.69-$198
  • provides guidance
  • no guaranteed proper nutrition
  • no fitness program (advisor is part of most expensive plan but with limited contact)
Beachbody Challenge Pack:  $140-$245 (depending on program)
  • researched and tested fitness program designed for maximum results
  • dense superfood nutrition that guarantees you are getting everything you need
  • DAILY coaching and guidance
So what's it going to be?  The complete package?  Or a la carte?  You tell me, is it worth it?  The costs of these services are all very similar, but what sets them apart is their value.  And value is what matters to me.  What about you?

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