21 Day Fix

And it's finished! 21 Day Fix Results + What did I learn?

Saturday, March 08, 2014

So I finished; I'm done!  The 21 Day Fix was resounding success!  In three weeks, I lost three pounds (granted, not as huge as some), but I think the pictures tell an even more drastic story.  What do you think?

I made a "rookie" mistake; I didn't take measurements before starting.  Why not?  Because deep down, I think I didn't believe there would be that much of a change in only three weeks.  I mean, I exercised regularly; I ate pretty well...how much of a difference *could* there be? 

But just as an experiment, I started taking pictures.  Daily pictures for the first week, and then weekly.  And as crazy as it sounds, there really is a huge difference!  Even without doing the doubles for the last half of this week, there is a huge difference!  But even beyond what I can see on the outside, there are tons of changes on the inside, too.  I am stronger.  My nutrition is more solid than it has been in AGES.  My body is functioning well, and I can feel it.

So what did I learn?
  1. I learned that WHAT I put in my body is soooo important!  I learned that I can have ALL types of foods in the right portions.  
  2. I learned that I can eat a TON of food and still reshape my body.
  3. I learned that food is enjoyable, but it should be treated as fuel first.  How did this program teach me that?  Simply by the sheer amount of food I was supposed to eat.  It took methodical planning.  I was eating like an athlete - on schedule and eating certain amounts of certain types of food every day.  My attitude towards food has changed.  And I am going to work to KEEP this new attitude.
  4. And finally, I learned that I need a short program to finish so that I can say I completed it.  Obviously, most programs are not 21 days.  So what am I going to do then?  I will treat whichever program I happen to be in like it is only 21-28 days long.  I will break each schedule into 3-4 week chunks and treat those chunks as if they were standalone programs.  And yes, after each chunk, I will treat it as if I completed it.
And there you have it.  My 21 day journey.  Want to start your own?  Want to learn your own lessons?  Maybe you'd like to build on what I have already learned.  I can guide you; I've been there and finished that.  I've experienced it.  I would LOVE to share my journey with you as you are on your own journey.  I'd love to be your coach.  Email me and we'll get you started!

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