21 Day Fix

Day 19 - 2 more to go!

Thursday, March 06, 2014

It's getting close!  Just two more days to go before I am officially a 21 Day Fix graduate!  It's really crazy to think that a person can complete an entire program in only 21 days - and have the results to show for it.  But then I think about the workouts that make up said program, and I can believe it!  Case in point:  Cardio Fix.  What other workout out there can you consistently burn over 300 calories in 30 minutes?  What other workout leaves you dripping in sweat so much that this is your yoga mat:

Yep, that is all sweat.  All of it.  Crazy, right?

Nutritionally, I was back on the horse.  I think that just goes to show the importance of a weekly "happy meal."  What's a happy meal?  It's the topic of one of my upcoming blogs.....yeah, I'm a tease.  ;)

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