21 Day Fix

Day 14 - Stretch Your Body, Stretch Your Life! (Yoga Fix)

Saturday, March 01, 2014

So, before I get into my recap, I just need to shout something.  Look, look, LOOK at that Downward Dog!!  Woot for non-scale victories!

So, recap time:  definitely feeling the effects of yesterday's indulgence today!  I was dragging and tired and really really really really glad it was yoga day!  Even so, it was still a struggle to get it done.  But get it done I did - and I had an awesome Downward Dog pic to boot!  Bonus!

Today was a tough day to stay on track nutritionally, but I will say I did a much better job today than yesterday.  Still not perfect (I need to work on that recovery time!) but MUCH better than yesterday.  The reason that today was difficult was simply the fact that the hubby and I were headed out to lunch with his family to one of THE hardest restaurants (in my opinion) to eat healthy:  Red Robin.  In fact, I very rarely EVER   Thank goodness for the group of challengers I am working with this month!  I posted in the group and asked for suggestions and for them to keep me accountable, and boy did they come through!  Even as a coach I truly value the opinions, suggestions, accountability, and camaraderie that my challengers provide me and each other.  I KNEW I would have to check in with them after the fact, so I made a healthy choice (a spicy chicken breast and salad) and was quite happy to report back to my group.

So, it's day 14...one more week to go!

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