21 Day Fix

21 Day Fix - Week 2 is in the Bag! On to Week 3!

Sunday, March 02, 2014

So the second week is over.  It wasn't as amazing as my first week, but I can definitely see some changes in the mirror AND in the way I feel.  I have more energy; I'm sleeping better...  Perhaps the strangest "side effect" of all, though, happened to be part of my monthly cycle.  I am one of those women who always, ALWAYS gets irritable and weepy right around my period (approximately 2 days beforehand through the second day of my actual period).  I also have horrible cramps.  All that to say...this month?  All I had to show for it were MILD cramps and the actual bleeding itself.  Even my own mother was shocked that I wasn't emotional!  (Yes, I'm sorry to say, it really is that noticeable...I tend to avoid people as much as possible on those four days)

So aside from the emotional side effects, you probably want to see if there are any physical changes, too, right?  Well, here's the progression so far:

See a difference?  I have said it before, but this program really is a game-changer for me.  I can see myself basically eating this way for the rest of my life, regardless of what fitness program I happen to be doing at the time.  I just can't get over how much change there really is!  Even with my slip-ups this week, there is a difference.  And those slip-ups make me human.  I'm going to slip up now and again...it's the getting back up that matters.  And this way of eating makes that so much easier, simply because I do not feel deprived. 

As for today, definitely a better day all the way around.  It's the beginning of my last week, and it's time to finish strong.  Nutrition was on par, and the workout was my second favorite of the program:  Total Body Cardio Fix.  Time to finish this program out with a bang!

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