21 Day Fix

Day 17 - My Legs, My Legs, My Legs Are On Fire! (oh, and my abs, too)

Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Ahhh, leg day...  I just love to hate you but love what you do for me!  This workout is tough, but ultimately, I think it has elevated itself to the status of one of my favorite Fix workouts.  It hurts (though not as much as week 1).  It has moves I have never seen before - and they really work!  I think, along with Dirty 30 (and maybe Total Body Cardio Fix), I will try to incorporate this one into whatever program I am doing at any particular time.  It will be a little more difficult, simply because it is an intense leg workout, but you better believe I am going to try!  Who knows?  If I keep up with it, I may just have an award-worthy backside.  ;)  And, maybe - just maybe - I'll shave some time off my average mile.  Now THAT would be amazing!


So, remember how I said I wasn't going to do doubles?  Well, I wanted to try it for one more day.  After all, today's doubles was simply 10 minutes long.  It called for 10 minute abs...  No big deal, right?  Ha!  My abs are SORE, even after only 10 minutes!! But check out the last picture.  If I can get that kind of definition after only one shot, bring on the pain!  Don't you think?

Nutrition-wise, I am on a roll!  Another great day!  I am going to finish this week out STRONG!

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