Excuses vs. Priorities

Friday, July 18, 2014

Let me start by saying that this post is directed at me, specifically.  If it happens to speak to you, too, bonus!  But this is truly me giving myself a royal talking-to and is such written in the second person.  Forgive me this once?  **********************************************
Excuses - those little things that get inside your head and convince you that it's ok to slack off.  It's ok to procrastinate.  It's ok to let things slide - "just this once."  Excuses say "I'm too tired."  "I have other things to do."  "I'll have time later."  "I don't feel well."  "I have to clean my house."  "I have a swollen eye and a yeast infection; I don't feel like it."  (I wish I were joking on that last one).  "I'm too sore."  There are a myriad of things that excuses say.

But what are you really saying when you allow those excuses to win?  What are you really doing when those excuses overpower your goals?

You are saying that your goals are not priorities.  Which means your goals are really just wishes.  And wishes don't come true without 1) hard work 2) fairy dust OR 3) a fairy godmother.  Since two of those three things don't exist, hard work is the only way to make wishes come true - and hard work makes wishes become goals.  It comes full-circle...

As for what you're doing?  You're paving the way to failure.  Blunt, I know, but you need to hear it.  Each time you give in to your excuses, you are making it easier and easier to fail until you will have no choice *but* to fail.  And I know you do not want to fail, right?  You want to succeed; you want to FLY. 

So excuses?  Kick em to the curb.  You have work to do, and they have been holding you back for far too long.  It's time to make those goals into realities.  It's time to re-prioritize and take back your power. Excuses have held the power long enough.  You wouldn't prioritize being tired over your family, would you?  You wouldn't prioritize cleaning your house over freedom, would you?  It's time to stop acting like it.


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