I think I found My Soul-Mate Workout

Monday, July 21, 2014

Wow, just wow.  I guess my last post resonated with some of you folks!  I got a TON of feedback!  Can I take that to mean others have been struggling as well?  And when I say struggling, whoa, boy!  I had a doozy of a week!  I don't know what it is about getting off schedule, even for a single day, but man!  I just couldn't get my stuff together last week!  Workouts were sporadic; food was all over the map.  I truly needed that little self-lecture Friday.

The downside to my little week of "debauchery"?  I'm repeating the week in P90X3.  While it wasn't a total wash, it sure felt like it mentally.  But here's the thing:  I'm kind of glad.  Because the good side to last week?  The realization that I MISSED Tony and his little witticisms.  I missed his smart-aleck cracks.  And I missed the workouts themselves.  I am actually excited that I get to do Isometrix an extra time.

So what's that tell me?  It tells me that even though I look and feel like THIS right now:

I have truly found my soul-mate workout.  The workout that I will keep coming back to, the one that my body misses.  So here's to Tony.  And here's to not quitting.  And here's to planning and prepping my meals like a boss!  Who's with me?

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