Sooooo, About the Last Couple Weeks...

Sunday, September 07, 2014

Life has been kicking my rump over the last three weeks!  And, I actually had to double-check my calendar because I couldn't believe it had truly been three weeks since I had posted!  I have had my arse kicked, tossed, and kicked again. 

If I give you enough reasons, will you forgive me?  Or, maybe not, but will you at least understand?

  1. Work has been a tad bit tense.  We have a huge deadline looming at the end of September, and we are not exactly comfortable with our current position for said deadline.  So, there's a bit of stress at work.
  2. I ran another obstacle race back on August 2.  It was fun, dirty, and utterly worth it....  BUT, I sprained my ankle pretty badly during the race.  It hurt for about a week and then gradually got better.  I wore a brace for some of the higher impact stuff in P90X3, but after the first week, there wasn't much of an issue.....until last week when it started swelling and aching again.  Which leads us to....
  3. Another injury!  This time, I fell at work (yay...), and my foot swelled and became so painful I couldn't walk on it.  X-rays showed no break, so I assumed (incorrectly it turns out) that I'd be back on the horse again in just a couple days.  That was Tuesday.  Today (Sunday), I took my first steps without crutches.  But I couldn't go far, and now - Sunday evening - my foot is swollen and painful again, and I can no longer bear weight on it.  Which leads us to...
  4. I've missed nearly a week of P90X3 - and I am MISERABLE for it!  Course, it doesn't help that I am under "house arrest" as the hubby calls it.  In fact, I have left the house once since Tuesday.  The couch has become my new office.  Upside?  Hubby has been AMAZING.  :)
Sooooo, did I merit any forgiveness?

Will it make it any better if I tell you that being incapacitated has had its benefits as far as the blog goes?  Speaking of which, how do you like the new look?  Let me know in the comments!

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