Truth Time: I Am Not Thriving. I'm Failing - But NO LONGER. Let's Turn Failure Into Opportunity!

Monday, April 20, 2015

It's been such a tough couple of months for me, personally.  I struggled with waking up; I struggled with working out; and I even struggled with being positive (which is usually a given for me).  I struggled with food choices, often just reaching for the closest or easiest thing  to ingest.  And as a coach, I have struggled with consistency and leading by example.

In short, I've been a failure.  

There are reasons, of course.  I've been so tired every day, all the time.  My cycles have been way off (sorry, guys!) - and that's a new development.  Honestly, it's the one that drove me to a doctor because it was more than subjective.  It was quantifiable, concrete.

So I went to my doctor and had any number of tests done.  Bloodwork, ultrasounds, more bloodwork, and another ultrasound.  I was emotionally spent, and one thing I can say with utmost certainty is I am an emotional eater.  Turns out, most of my numbers were normal, but there were some anomalies in my iron studies.  That coupled with my symptoms and the doc prescribed a low-dose version of a thyroid hormone, one I had never heard of before.  After taking it now for ~3 weeks, I am definitely more energetic.  The alarm now gets me fully awake.  I am not sleeping on the couch at 7:30 anymore.  Physically, I feel much better.

But emotionally?  Work has been stressful.  My marriage has been stressful (my husband has been traveling quite a bit for work).  So, as a result, I've continued to eat emotionally.  I've had good days, but there have also been bad days.  More bad days than good, I'm afraid.

That's done, now, though!  It's time to get back up, bounce back, and remember just what I'm in this for.  It's time to get back on schedule.  It's time to remember just what eating well and exercising do - not just for my clothing size, but for my mental health as well. 

I *know* I feel better when I'm exercising.

I *know* I am happier when I'm exercising.

I *know* I think more clearly when I'm eating well.

I *know* I feel better about myself when I'm taking care of myself.

And I *know* it's been far too long since I've been coasting by.

It's time to get up, dust myself off, and be the person - and the coach - I know I can be.  It's time to bust the excuses and do what needs to be done, without fail.  It's time to get back on track.  Will you join me?  Will you help me?  Will you keep me accountable?  Together, let's make this failure a resounding success, ok?

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