21 Day Fix Extreme

21 Day Fix Extreme Results

Monday, July 20, 2015

Yesterday was my last workout for round 1 of 21 Day Fix Extreme.  Despite some issues with nutrition over the last 3 weeks - or maybe because of those issues - I'm actually quite proud of the results I now see.

Before I show you my before and after pics, I really need to stress a few things:

    I have a really hard time seeing changes in my own body.....but even *I* can see them thanks to Extreme.  There's definitely still a long way to go, but the pics tell an entirely different story than the scale does.
  2. Be proud of every little success! 
    Hard work really does give little things to celebrate.  Just look at my pics!  I've got more of a waist, and the exact same pants actually cover my bottom.  Yes, that's something to be excited about!
  3. Finally, nutrition is king!
    So yes, there's definitely still a long way to go, but you know why the following results aren't more striking?  Because I struggled so much with nutrition!  Nutrition makes the difference between success and failure.  What you put inside your body is either getting you closer or farther from your goals.  Trust me, I get how hard it is to put the thoughts into practice!  Food tastes GOOD!  But you know what?  Good food tastes good, too!  AND, it's a matter of habit.  It does get easier with practice.
So, without further fanfare, here's my before and after for one round of 21 Day Fix Extreme:

Like I said, with my nutritional issues, I'm actually quite happy with the results.  And I am 2.6 lbs down.  It's not much, but it is something.

So what's next?   Starting today, I've decided to do the 3 Day Refresh to get myself back on track.  Come back Friday to see how I do....and then Monday marks day 1 of P90X3 again!

Want to join me?  Have questions?  I'd love to speak with you!  Fill out the form below, and I'll get back to you ASAP!

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