Friday, July 10, 2015

I am sure somewhere along the line I may have mentioned that nutrition is my biggest hurdle in healthy living. I have no issues working out.  Working out allows me to blow off stress, to gain energy, to feel strong.  It's an immediate reward.

Unless I'm eating high-carb, "comfort foods," my mood isn't immediately lifted like it is with a tough workout.  And of course, if I indulge in those high-carb comfort foods, my mood may lift temporarily, but then the guilt sets in.  Can you relate?

Nutrition is about discipline for me.  Discipline and long-term results.  Honestly, overall, there's no contest.  When my nutrition is on point, I really do feel amazing!  When it lags, though, it takes a while to feel the effects, but when I do?  Man, I miss it!

Seems pretty simple, right?  Eat right, fuel my body, and feel better.

Yet it's still my biggest struggle.

When I slacked off, my nutrition slacked off, and I even slacked off on drinking my Shakeology every day.  At first, I didn't really notice a difference.  To be honest, I began to wonder if this shake that I always swore by was worth it, and I quit drinking it altogether for a couple weeks.

But then I decided to get my butt back on the ball and committed to 21 Day Fix Extreme. As part of that, I was determined to drink Shakeo every.  single.  day.

Know what I discovered?

Despite STILL struggling with the nutrition side (it's harder this time, for some reason), I felt immeasurably better drinking Shakeo every day.  Incredibly better (and yes, I completely understand how awful that grammar is).  It's hard to describe what the difference is, but I'll try.  I feel clearer.  Not more focused, not more energetic, but clearer.  If it's possible, I feel more "normal" than I have.   

The best description is just "better."  Everything works and feels better.  

Live LIfe Better with ShakeoIt really should not be a surprise to me, especially being part of the team I'm on.  So many of the coaches on our team have incredible testimonials to the power of Shakeo, but I never personally experienced cancer's defeat (my personal coach) or a decrease in pain (too many coaches to count) or a thyroid improvement (several coaches on our team).

What I have discovered by this little impromptu "experiment" is that you really don't need a huge obstacle to overcome.  Sometimes, the magic is found simply in living life BETTER.  And better is pretty darn good.

So while I still work to master my nutrition, I know that Shakeo will always be a part of it.  Because - even as a work in progress - I am committed to living life BETTER!

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