21 Day Fix

Midweek Mealtime Vanilla Chai Shakeology + 21 Day Fix Day 4 as a Lesson in Discipline

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The best news of the day was purely accidental! Seriously.  I have been waiting all my life for this recipe (or at least since I went to Russia on my first international missions trip and discovered creamy spiced chai), and I just discovered it this morning.

They say that necessity is the mother of invention, right?  Well, *this girl* forgot to brew coffee for her Shakeology last night, so she didn't have any cold coffee to mix with.  And honestly, coffee without flavored creamer (one of the few 21 Day Fix no-nos) in the morning is just cruel.  So I decided to try tea, chai to be exact.  Um, I am SOOOO glad I forgot the coffee last night!!  I may just "forget" my coffee from now on.  Yeah, this recipe is that good:

Today was actually a bit of a struggle for me across the board.  TOM is coming (sorry if TMI), and I am all-around tired.  Plus, I *still* can't seem to eat everything in the plan for the day, and usually, it's the fruit that suffers.  Finally, today was going to be a day where I swapped out one yellow container for some yummy wine, but those plans were foiled, so I was down a carb (yellow) for the day as well.  Hmmmm, after typing that, maybe my nutrition could be as much to blame as TOM for my lethargy?  Note to self:  EAT!

The workout was also more of a struggle than normal.  Again, I was tired.  But also, pilates is a different animal from the intense cardio and strength training I love so much.  It's slower-paced and is much more of a mental game for me.  It's a different kind of discipline, and I'll admit:  I actually pressed play once and only got through the first 10 minutes of it.  Came back later and did the whole 30 minutes.  But you know what?  It's that discipline that will make me succeed.  I could have succumbed to the excuses and to my weary body, but I didn't.  I took a step (or a few hours, as the case may be) back, regrouped, and then tackled it again.

All in all, I am really looking forward to hitting it hard again tomorrow with some cardio.

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