21 Day Fix Extreme

21 Day Fix Extreme - Week 1 (Part 2)

Tuesday, July 07, 2015

I had so much to say about my first week of Fix Extreme that I had to split it up into two posts!  Find my thoughts on the first half of the week here.

So, day 4 of the week is considered the *actual* leg day:  Lower Fix Extreme.  Can I just say how thrilled I was that my shoulders got a break?  Apparently, I handle soreness better in my lower half than in my upper half.  Or maybe it was just because my buns and thighs had a couple days "off" since "Leg Day #1."  Regardless of the reason, I was quite glad to shift my focus!

Lower Fix Extreme was what you'd expect:  lots of lunges and squats - both with variations to make your booty and quads burn.  And then she brought the band for an entirely different take on a couple moves.  I really liked "Leg Day #2" - even if my glutes WERE talking to me for a few days afterward.

Day 5 was Cardio Fix Extreme, and it was competing for the spot of favorite with Pilates.   It was just so much fun!  Yes, there were times I couldn't keep up with Autumn, and yes, there were times I didn't make it the whole interval; but it was new and different and FUN!  As much as I disliked Cardio Fix in the original, I LOVED Cardio Fix Extreme.

Of course, there was lots of jumping involved.  Also, several weighted exercises.  The only thing I really wasn't a fan of (and what knocked it out of first place for my affections) was a horrible take on mountain climbers.

Side note:  I think mountain climbers are from the devil on a good day (probably means I need more of them in my life, but still...).  Change where your knees are headed, and it's a whole other *painful* ballgame.  Autumn's idea in this one is to do butt kicks instead of bringing your knees in.  Yep, they kicked my butt for sure!

Remember when I raved about Dirty 30 from the original 21 Day Fix?  Remember how it was the best thing since I ever started working out?  Well, um, I do NOT feel that way about Dirty 30 Extreme.

Maybe I was just uncoordinated, or maybe this one will just take some practice; but I actually didn't feel like I got a huge benefit because I couldn't follow the moves or because I was severely unbalanced.  (Physically this time!  haha)

I'm holding out hope that it will get better, but this week?  Not.  Feeling.  It.

Lastly, Sunday was Yoga Fix Extreme.  This one was tough, but in a "it's a challenge, but it'll get better" kind of way.  Not a "this is impossible, and I'm never going to get it" kind of way.  The poses were definitely a step (or 10) up from yoga in the original Fix.  In fact, there were advanced variations that included Bird of Paradise and a handstand shown by some of the members of Autumn's team.  This entire workout was a stretch and made my quads, especially, scream for mercy, but afterwards?


I felt so loose and relaxed.  There's a reason we get yoga right before the Plyo day.  I felt amazing!

There is one thing I do feel I should mention, though, about this yoga.  Autumn doesn't do such a great job of cuing throughout this workout.  She seems to make the assumption that you are familiar with all the poses, and since you are inverted for a good bit, it's hard to watch the screen.  If you are not a yoga nut, this may pose a problem until you get used to the poses.

So there you have it.  Week one of 21 Day Fix Extreme is in the bag.  Are you intrigued?  Would you be interested in trying this program for yourself?  

I am now in the process of putting together my next group, and I'd love to chat with you!  Fill out the form below, and let's talk!

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