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New Operating System, Part 1 - Spiritual Life

Friday, June 15, 2018

spiritual rebootSo the most important part of my Operating System reset was the spiritual aspect. Let me tell you about the last year, k?

I had been so drained that the following was happening on a regular basis:

  • I was sleeping in on Sundays to try and recapture some energy from the previous week. Consequently, we missed church more days than not. My husband isn't the most avid church-goer, so my lack of luster allowed me to be swayed more than ever. And the days that he didn't mind going, I was finding myself more and more reluctant to go myself. That is NOT me.
  • My once-perfected morning routine of waking up with a cup of coffee and some one-on-one time with God? Again, I started choosing sleep instead. I was missing out on time with my Best Friend and the Creator of the universe, but I just wasn't doing anything to fix it.
  • And my prayer time? I'm ashamed to say that it became non-existent. God and His will for me became an afterthought as opposed to simply making it through the day.

I couldn't keep going that way. Spiritually I was becoming a shell of my former self.

So my new operating system? Its first step was simply a new job, but spiritually, I ended up with new pockets of opportunity for reconnection. How's that? Simply put, I went from a 3 mile commute to a 24 mile / 45 minute commute. 45 minutes of daily uninterrupted time that I can now use for chapel podcasts / prayer time. 45 minutes each morning to set the tone for the rest of the day.

I don't know about you, but that has been so completely refreshing over the last 2+ weeks.

I'm still working on my morning prayer time / coffee schedule. That commute already has me waking up so much earlier, but I'm confident that I will be able to make it work. It's just a matter of finding the right combo of morning tasks and an early enough alarm. haha.

The point is, sometimes even the necessary things can't happen if you don't have the resources to make them happen. Sometimes the day-to-day survival overrides everything else. When that happens for too long, you really need to take a hard look at where you are to decide if you, too, need your operating system reset.

Sometimes you just need a reboot; sometimes you need an entire system overhaul.

If I may offer some advice: don't wait. As soon as you identify the need, take action. The world on the other side - though different and possibly, scary - is quite the breath of fresh air.

While I've still got your attention, does anyone have any podcast suggestions for sermons, Bible study, or the like? Leave me a comment!

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