New Operating System, Part 2 - Fitness

Monday, June 18, 2018

new operating systemAnother area where I needed a new operating system?  My entire fitness life.
I gained ~20 pounds in the last year.

My entire fitness/wellness life needed a major overhaul.

Here's the thing:  when you spend every waking moment worried about work, even your sleep isn't restful.  And without restful sleep, you get apathetic - even about things that mean the world to you.

I quit caring about what I ate.  I stopped meal planning.  I stopped cooking at home (it was easier to just go out after a long day here and there - which then became most nights...).  Comfort foods called my name more than healthy, fresh foods.  Nutrition just wasn't a priority.  The problem with that feeling is, I wanted it to be.  My desire to be healthy and fit just didn't correspond to what was actually happening.  And when that happens?  More stress.  The increased stress led to worse nutrition, and the cycle kept perpetuating.  Please tell me I'm not the only one who has experienced that.  Seriously.  Please.

Possibly the worst side effect of the stress, though?  My outlet - my bright spot in my day - no longer made me happy.  What was that bright spot?  Working out.  Releasing the tension and the aggression that I felt through sweat and heart-pounding effort.  Yet somehow, it stopped working.  To top it off, since I wasn't really resting well, I had no energy to work out.  Then, when I stopped working out regularly, I had even less energy.  Yet another cycle.

So I took another job.  One that is 45 minutes away from home.  And yet somehow, I still have just about the same amount of time I did when I worked 5 minutes from home.  Better yet?  I have energy, and I'm sleeping well.

I have the energy to find and create new recipes.  I've cooked every night - EVERY night - since I started this new job three weeks ago.  And workouts?  I'm starting back to my first love - Hammer and Chisel.  I'm excited for this reboot.  Especially since fitness is my joy - the best part of my day.

Won't you join me in this new fitness operating system?  I'd love to show you how it can provide you joy, too!

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